We Need to Lift Other’s Up

Beautiful, in my opinion, has nothing to do with how you look. It’s how you are as a person, and how you make others feel about themselves. After you leave someone, they should feel inspired, loved and capable. Too many times have I let myself slip into toxic friendships, and what I’m trying to say here – is don’t be the toxic person. We need to treat others exactly how we want to be treated. Love your neighbor as yourself.

We all know how it feels to be depressed, unworthy and unwanted. Right? And at some point, or multiple, we just wished someone would notice and help out a little. Our job as human beings, is to love every other human! We need to make our impact on the world. There’s already enough hate and violence. Help me throw a little sparkle in that bunch.

When people empower people, incredible things happen. It’s absolutely magical to know you’re the reason someone had a good day. So, tell your friend you love them, let that stranger in Walmart know their outfit is cute, tell that stressed mom she’s doing great. Lift other’s up.

Most of us give more love than we’ll ever get back. Love anyway.

This world has become such a dark place, and we need to do something about it. It doesn’t matter how young you are, it doesn’t matter who you are. You are fully capable of loving and being loved. When you lift up other’s, God will lift you up. When you make someone’s day, God will make your day.

“People who really want to make a difference in the world, usually do it, in one way or another. And I’ve noticed something about people who make a difference in the world: they hold the unshakable conviction that individuals are extremely important, that every life matters. They get excited over one smile. They are willing to feed one stomach, educate one mind, and heal one wound. They aren’t determined to revolutionize the world all at once; they’re satisfied with small changes. Sometime’s they even transform cities and nations, and yes, the world.” – Beth Clark

I used to be the person that so desperately needed to hear the smallest compliment, or wished for a hug from a friend. I used to feel like no one knew I existed. And you know what drug me out of that dark place to the realization that, I’m not the only one?

This right here. The blogosphere. So please, I encourage you this month write something that is going to lift the people around you, show them they’re not alone and tell them they’re loved. Someone out there needs it desperately and would never dream of asking.

But also, remember to lift others up outside of here as well, in your home town, everyone you can. We’re all human, and no matter how perfect our lives may seem, we all struggle. Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves and our own lives, we forget that.


with love, always

Gayle xx

Life Update + One Year Blogiversary + face reveal??


Uhm, where do I start? I am so sorry for abandoning you for this long! I can’t believe I did it, I left my little munchkins! I should probably be writing this on my personal blog, but I’ve been a rebel lately obviously so why not do it here!

Please tell me how you are, I’ve missed you all so much and want to chat!!!!

I fell off the face of the earth, ahh, but all was going great while I was away! Life has been treating me good and I’ve been stepping outside of my comfort zone! Lot’s of new things are happening. I’m 17 now, what?? I got asked to play the lead roll in a live theater play even though I’ve never acted before in my life, what??? …and maybe even working on a secret project with one of my favorite bloggers, what!?!? (Was that out loud?)

My One Year Blogiversary was a couple weeks ago, ugh I know shame on me for missing it! I’m mad at myself so you don’t have to be! You’re welcome. On a serious note, I am so happy to have had this blog for a year (even though I haven’t been posting on it for a year), this community means so much to me. It always will, some of my best friends are here and gah I just hope I get to meet you in person some day!! I’ve been around the blogosphere for much longer than a year, but thanks to all of you, this journey’s been a success so far! Xx

Okay, mushy gushiness put aside, I’ve been working on my photography and art lately, and if you’re not following my photography account on Instagram wyd?? SNEAK PEEK:

(Meet me, the author, the artist, the legend, Gayle!

Also me! Did I mention FACE REVEAL???

 I have some really exciting shoots coming up that I get to experiment with so be on the look out! @gaylesphotography_

My latest art! I’m making progress!

As I’m waaayy behind on books and tv shoes as usual, please drop suggestions for me! And besides that just tell me you love me because I missed you all SO MUCH!!!❤️

With love, always


*bear hugs all around, tears, chocolate much appreciated*

Answering Your Assumptions on Mental Health (Guest Post by Chips)

Hey savvy gals!

It’s a new day and a new opportunity to chase after your dreams! What are you waiting for? Oh, this amazing post? Okay, understandable.

I was really planning on making a long, dramatic intro for the first guest post of 2019, but that’s not what you beautiful people are here to read about, so let’s get into it, shall we?

Meet Chips, the sweetest blogger you’ll ever run into to and a very dear friend of mine. 


I always have really mixed feelings about writing mental health posts that aren’t about my feelings because I’m the actual worst at giving advice, this however, seemed like something I’d have a really hard time messing up😂

For every assumption there are two opinions, mine and the lovely people who voted in my poll on Twitter because I thought it would be cool to have more than just one opinion on these assumptions.

Without further ado,

people with mental illness lack intelligence


I have tons of friends who have struggled or are still struggling with mental illness and are some of the smartest people I know. I need you to trust me when I say that not everybody with a mental illness is as bad at being intelligent as I am. I purposely didn’t mention school because I don’t think school or tests or grades are an accurate representation of someone’s intelligence.

Ask me to multiply 4 by a million and I’ll still have to use a calculator* but ask me about deforestation and how being a vegetarian impacts that or about something like blogging and I’ll launch into this whole spiel with an already prepped slideshow and leave you stunned.

In general I don’t believe anyone lacks intelligence I just think the stuff people are asking about tends to be of no interest to certain people and that when they answer incorrectly or don’t know the answer, that comes across as being “unintelligent” when really Carol, not everybody cares about algebra.

*I’m kidding (not really)

teenagers don’t suffer from mental illness


Teenagers can suffer from mental illness but that doesn’t mean every person talking about depression on their Tumblr page is actually depressed. I will agree, that over the past few years since mental health started being a topic more and more people are talking about it has been turned into a trend. Which sucks for anyone going through actual problems with mental health and not just the occasional bad day and then making everybody think it’s this major thing. Nobody should have to watch an illness or something they struggle with everyday be turned into a trend because people want attention.

Fact:Teenagers can suffer from mental illness.

they aren’t old enough to know the difference between mental illness and typical stress


I think I’m capable of distinguishing the difference between just being nervous for a test and having a panic attack over being nervous for a test, but that’s just my opinion         ♀  ♀

mentally ill people act and look a certain way


Mental health doesn’t discriminate. It affects people regardless of height, weight, race, religion or sexuality. Sure some symptoms are more common than others but not everybody with a mental illness acts the same, assuming that people with mental illness all act a certain way invalidates other people who don’t experience certain symptoms.

it is the parents fault


I think parents contribute to it sometimes BUT I don’t think throwing around blame is something you should waste your time with. Personally, some of the stuff my parents have done has had an impact on my mental health but at the same time it’s not the only contributing factor to mental health problems, so I would say it really depends on the situation.


I adore Chips, and I just want to give her the biggest hug *hugs virtually* to her for publishing her hard and time-consuming work on Love Her Savvy! Go give her blog a follow (you won’t regret it!) and follow all her socials here:

Twitter: @adriaaapetrov

Snapchat: chipsyxx

Instagram: @adriapetrov

Pinterest: itsadriaxx 

As always,

gayle xx

Boss Babe Morning Routine

Hey savvy gals!

Morning’s have always been my favorite time of the day, I got lucky and was born a morning person, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sleep just as much as anyone, but I don’t like sleeping in. It throws off my entire day and I won’t be productive. I’ve gotta have my early mornings, my chill time, my plan time, and then I’m good to go! Your mornings set the mood for your entire day, so we want it to be positive right? Right.

Take time to make your soul happy.

Something I like to keep in mind is that every day is a chance for a fresh start, that means every morning, you need to have a routine that is going to prompt you to make the rest of your day kick-butt amazing. So, let’s get started.

Boss Babe (1).png

First things first, make your bed.

This sounds crazy, right? Why should we take the time to make our beds when we could just roll on out and get started on the bigger, better tasks? But making your bed in the morning has been proven to make you feel like you’ve already accomplished something, so it’s putting you in a happier more Girl Boss mood. Also, coming into your room with a neat bed, makes everything a little less busy and chaotic, it helps you feel at peace with your day.


Girl, wash your face.

Washing your face is pretty self-explanatory. It’s going to wake you help, and help you feel fresh. Walking around like a zombie with one eye open is not the way to start a productive day!

Make Coffee and journal.

I prefer to take this time drinking a cup of green tea, and reading my Bible. I think it’s the most important to start your day with God, letting Him speak to you through His Word and guide you throughout the day. And of course, pray, about anything and everything. He’ll listen.

Complete a small workout or yoga session.

Working out isn’t for everybody, and that’s okay. (I don’t do it everyday, if we’re being honest here) But it definitely gets me going in the mornings when I do. But since I’m not a huge fan of feeling my thighs burn in agony, my alternative is yoga. I love yoga. It puts me in such a peaceful mood and relieves so much stress, I like to do it before I go to bed too.


Create your to-do list.

This is really important, so that you don’t forget anything, and as the day goes you check off each item, you can proud of your Boss Babe productivity!

Make yourself look fabulous.

I’m just kidding, you already look fabulous! For real though, you look cute, and don’t forget it.

Now it’s time to get dressed, do your hair, makeup etc. Even if you’re not going out, getting dressed into something that’s comfy and makes you feel good about yourself, is going to really put in a good mood for the day.

Once again, it’s a matter of setting your mood. Staying in your pj’s is only going to want to make you procrastinate on the couch! (believe me)

Start checking off your to-do list!

Well, what are waiting for? Get going, beauty! You’re going to conquer the world, today. Pull your hair up, and run the day like a Boss Babe.


Thanks for reading, gal. 

Let me know your thoughts and routines of your own! 

With love, always

Gayle xx

Sometimes, We Just Have to Jump

Hey savvy gals!

Are you ready to jump into today’s read? (Pun intended) I don’t know about you, but I am so, let’s get started!

please go after your dreams

Humans are creatures of habit, and our habit is waiting. Waiting for the timing to be just right – perfect, waiting until we know exactly what we want and until we have everything to go after it. But once we reach for it, it’s always just out of our grasp. We tend to let fear bud in and say “hey, maybe you’re not ready yet”. Sound familiar? Probably.

But sister, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I spent years of my life being afraid of going after my dreams, because everything fear whispered at me was you are not going to succeed. And I believed it. I gave up on chasing my dreams, which means I also gave up on growing and evolving. Instead of fighting my fears, I waited. I waited until I was older, I waited until I had the money, I waited until I knew more and had better resources. But it wasn’t getting me anywhere.

I was just stuck, waiting.

Waiting on something that wasn’t coming, because I wasn’t taking action. I was sitting around on my bum, expecting something magical to happen…perfect timing. (In case you haven’t figured it out yet, perfect timing isn’t a thing, but we’ll get into that later.) 

I got tired of seeing zero results – from zero work. So I made a decision. I put my foot down and said let’s do this, let’s try it. Because you will never know if something will work out till you try it, you may even fall in love with it along the way. That’s exactly how I found my passion for blogging, just trying it out!

Love Her Savvy is a small blog, yes, but I’m completely okay with that! You know why? Because I have seen it grow ever sense I started putting work into it. Progress is progress no matter how small, and that is the mindset you need to succeed.

Listen up sis,

You are allowed to be both a work in progress and help others grow at the same time. Refuse to wait until you believe you’re perfect or someone else has deemed you worthy of impacting others. You should be un-apologetically accepting a life of massive growth and improvement. You don’t have to be wise to make an impact on the world. Just share what you’re learning, as you’re learning it. That’s more than enough.

What I’m trying to say is there is no perfect timing for anything, if you want something go get it, sis. Jump in, run after your dreams because no one can catch them but you. Take action. It’s just like the iPhone, okay, start with you’re 1.0 version and build up from there. You have to start small, so why not start now? Sis, you can make those dreams come true.

There is nothing scarier than being stuck in the middle of a story you don’t belong in anymore. This overwhelming feeling fills you because you’re ready and you just want to go go go. So go, jump out on a limb, no one can give you the chance to start over but you. You may be terrified to your very core, but make sure you do it anyway. Because I promise you, that moment of courage will change your life, it will open doors. Whether it’s the door you want or another door that’s meant for you, it will push you forward into something more than what was before.

Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now. It is not selfish to put yourself first. It’s mandatory. You can’t pour out love and grace from an empty pitcher.

Building your dreams into plans may seem completely impossible. But if you put in the work, time and effort, I promise you it’s possible.

Sometime’s, we just have to jump.

Hey gal, I hope this message gave you a little bump on the rump to get ya going! If you don’t mind, leave me a comment and tell me the dream you hope to turn into a plan and/or your own tips on achieving your goals. I’d love to hear from you!

As always,

Gayle xx

30 Journal Prompts You Need for Self-growth

I love to journal. Do I do it as much as I’d like? No, but I hope to change that this year because journaling has always had a positive effect on me. Being able to pull out a notebook and pour your heart into it is something special to me. These simple sheets of paper can soak up your stress, anxiety and every little thing you imagine. And you can express yourself in any form you want.

Stories, poems, songs, or simply just use it as a diary! I think it’s amazing, and perfect to take anywhere and everywhere you go. There’s just something about putting it on paper that helps me let go. So today, I’m going to list 30 journal prompts for self-growth! I’ll be jotting down about these topics in my own journal with you!

farmto table

1, what am I most proud of?

2, who inspires me? Why do they inspire me?

3, what does my ideal morning look like?

4, what would I tell my future me?

5, in the next month, I want to…

6, I am grateful for…

7, I need more ______ in my life because…

8, what are 5 short term goals I have?

9, where do I see myself in 6 months?

10, what is one important lesson I learned this week?

11, in the next year I want to…

12, in 12 months I see myself…

13, what would I tell my childhood self?

14, if I had $10,000 I would…

15, what are 10 things that make me happy?

16, if I could travel anywhere, where would I go and why?

17, the person I am most thankful for is…

18, what inspires me?

19, something I hope to achieve in the next 5 years is…

20, what are my strengths?

21, what are my weaknesses?

22, what am I afraid of?

23, I want people to think of me as…

24, what kind of legacy do I want to leave behind?

25, make a gratitude list.

26, name one of your skills that you’d like others to learn.

27, what bad habit do you need to eliminate to achieve your goals?

28, what is your life goal?

29, are you someone’s role model?

30, what do you love about yourself?

do you have a blog_ Link your most recent post in the comments so we can get to know each other! (3)

Comment down below and tell me your favorite thing to write about in your journal and/or your best de-stressing methods! I’m always open to new ideas, and I love hearing my readers opinions!

As always,

gayle xx

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